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New IRS Paper Filing Rules Mean It’s Time For a New MZQ Solution

March 13, 2024

In response to the IRS’s new ACA e-Filing guidelines, you may have found yourself frustrated, wondering… “How do I file these forms with the IRS as the Affordable Care Act requires? Who do I call? What do I do?”

In years past, employers that created fewer than 250 ACA forms could paper mail them to the IRS instead of e-Filing them. But, the IRS has issued new rules requiring employers that submit at least 10 forms in aggregate (1095s, W-2s, etc.) to file all those forms electronically, making the filing obligation much more onerous.

MZQ has always offered a full-service ACA reporting solution, which is still available to employers. However, because of the new filing rules, we recognize that many small businesses will want to file the forms they’ve already made using a more do-it-yourself method. 

To help those who are new to electronic filing, we have created an additional ACA solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently e-File the ACA forms required for employer reporting purposes. 

Our service is called “MZQuickFile,” and it is available right now. Click HERE for more information.

We’ve developed an easy-to-follow MZQuickFile manual that provides step-by-step navigation instructions to help you through the process of submitting your required forms to the IRS. You’ll be directed to an online portal, where you log in, upload the information from the ACA forms you’ve generated, review your submission, and then submit your forms for e-Filing. You can log back in at any time to check the status of your submission, and the portal will display an e-Filing receipt from the IRS once they’ve accepted your forms that you can keep for your records.

Of course, if you would rather not worry about preparing and submitting your ACA filings, regardless of the number of forms you need, our full-service plan is still available. We can also handle your prior year filings and much, much more. Please email us at to learn how we can take on the filing burden for you.