Steering A Controlled Group Through Last-Minute ACA Reporting



  • New Jersey-based nonprofit healthcare system that operates sizable network of hospitals, surgery centers, physician practices, and fitness centers


  • Client had to fulfill Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements for 9 entities with over 15,000 full-time employees, thousands of variable hour employees, and two unique medical plans
  • As result of competing priorities, client’s HR department only had one month to focus on reporting obligations

The MZQ Solution

In less than a month from start to finish (and prior to the filing deadline), we successfully created and filed the client’s 15,000+ forms with the IRS. As an added service, we shared filing feedback from the IRS about employees who may need social security number updates in the client’s systems. Our ACA Reporting Specialist supported the client through each step of the process, always available for a call, quick email exchange, or status update.


Information Gathering

  • Dedicated ACA Reporting Specialist worked with client to capture rules supporting organization’s complex benefits structure
  • ACA Reporting Specialist collaborated with client’s IT department to pinpoint necessary data scattered across three independent HR systems
  • Files were delivered by client’s IT department in a format most convenient for them, then meticulously translated into the MZQ template by our Data Team

Data Processing

  • Data Team customized our proprietary software to seamlessly account for a combination of client’s employment scenarios, such as:
    • Full-time employees transferring between 9 entities throughout the year;
    • Frequent oscillations between full-time and part-time status; and
    • Transfers between different types of medical plans
  • Proprietary software screened final results to guarantee that client was not at risk of triggering IRS penalties

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